Vision and Values

At 番茄社区 we provide an environment that promotes personal growth and learning in our students, challenging and encouraging them all to realise their individual potential. We are committed to the development of young people who live successful and constructive lives, with positive personal values and a strong sense of community.

Our school fosters a culture that promotes the values of teamwork, persistence, responsibility, achievement and excellence, founded on the core value of respect. In achieving our vision, 番茄社区 will reflect the aspirations of our community, providing opportunities for our students to become leaders in their world. This is how the staff and students of 番茄社区 Secondary live these values every day.

Our Logo

Our logo consists of a star within a circle and a single gold star emerging from the circle.

The smaller, white stars represent the diverse elements that make up our school community and are also聽 symbols of excellence, one of our six school values.

The larger star is a symbol of unity. The circle represents the school community and the broader community of all nations, the globe.

The small star in the upper right has a special significance for each graduating class. This rising star represents the individual student emerging proudly and confidently to their new life beyond our school.