Students are strongly encouraged to take on leadership roles from the beginning of their time at the school by pursuing activities and programs that are best suited to them.

Different students respond to different programs, so the college offers a range of opportunities aimed at developing self-reliance and leadership ability.

Student Representative Council

Led by the School Captains, the SRC are an active and enthusiastic team.聽 The SRC is made up from students from across all year levels representing their interest in a variety of learning areas.

The Captains, Executive and Learning Area and Year Level representatives work to promote co-curricular activities, to assist on specific projects and to liaise between staff and the SRC members.聽 They also undertake decisions around the initiation, planning and management of SRC events. Meeting weekly, the SRC members actively seek opportunities to collaborate on projects to increase participation, using information and communication from the student body. In turn, the Executive are represented by the School Captains at College Council meetings, seeking support for events and regularly informing the Council of projects and outcomes.

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School Council Student Members

In addition to the School Captains,聽 the School Council also welcomes two students who join the School Council team in the Student Member category.

At council meetings, these students actively share their school experience and represent their peers providing student perspective on teaching, learning and student engagement聽 These contributions are highly valued by School Council and inform many decisions around school operations, teaching and learning, events and activities.