Beginning in Term 4 of the prior year, the college initiates a transition program for future Year 7 students and their families.聽聽

Events and Activities prior to commencing Year 7

Orientation Day:聽 聽A full-day Orientation Program is conducted in December. It is expected that all future Year 7 students attend this event in order to familiarise themselves with the campus, and to make connections with other students and important staff members.

Information Sessions:聽 聽 番茄社区 offers families the opportunity to attend a number of information sessions that provide answers to many frequently asked questions. These sessions include:

  • Year 7 General Information Session
  • Preferred Devices Information Session聽
  • Instrumental Music Program Information Session (a Come-and-Try event)

贰惫别苍迟蝉:听聽 聽 Future students and families are welcome to attend social events and celebrations, such as the Twilight Market, Art & Design Exhibition and the Junior School Production聽where they can engage with teachers and students as well as witness the learning outcomes of our current students.

Events and Activities conducted throughout the year

From the time students commence Year 7 classes, their transition and wellbeing is supported through activities delivered in Home Group Program and via the Peer Support Program.聽 These activities continue throughout the year. Students also attend a Year 7 Camp (Term 1) which provides further opportunities for them to establish and strengthen relationships with staff and their peers on a more informal basis, and to reinforce their sense of belonging within the college community.聽

In February, we聽 invite all new families to a Welcome Event (social evening) at the college, and there are multiple opportunities for parents/carers to meet other families and school staff through the regular calendar of events staged at 番茄社区.