From 2024, 番茄社区 will cease to offer the SEAL Program to incoming Year 7 students.

The existing SEAL Program is being phased out as the current SEAL students move through Year 7-10 to VCE.聽聽

番茄社区 conducted a review of the SEAL Program in 2022 to determine whether, in the context of our evolving school community, it was still important to group high-ability students into a SEAL Program to support their learning.

Our review included

                  • extensive consultation with students, parents, carers and teaching staff within and outside the SEAL Program
                  • an audit of the SEAL Program curriculum structure, content, and assessment processes
                  • observations of both SEAL Program and non-SEAL Program classes
                  • analysis of student learning data
                  • review of the most recent educational research and literature on streaming to support high-ability learners

The review revealed that it was no longer necessary to separate high-ability students from their peers to support their learning at BSC. Consequently, we have made the decision to phase out the SEAL program at BSC from 2024