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The Co-curricular Program is embedded into the culture of the school and is designed to support and promote student engagement, connectedness and wellbeing.

The 番茄社区 offers a dynamic range of co-curricular activities that appeal to and cater for the unique needs, talents and interests of every student. The program runs before school, at lunchtimes and during after school sessions, offering a comprehensive range of study support groups, music, arts and sporting activities along with more specialised interest groups.聽聽

From year to year, the Co-curricular Program adapts and changes in order to meet student needs. The tabs below provide聽 general information, but to find out more about the current activities on offer, please refer to the BSC Co-curricular Handbook.

Study Support

A range of study support co-curricular activities, including EAL Support, Maths Help, Folio Support and English Help, operate outside of the normal school hours.聽 Students are welcome to take advantage of additional teaching support through these sessions.


The Student Representative Council and its parent body, the Student Executive, both operate under the Co-curricular Program. In addition to these leadership opportunities, the Peer Support Club, HSF Mentor, World Challenge, Victorian Young Leaders to China and Alpine School for Student Leadership programs provide avenues for students to explore and develop leadership skills.


The Debating Program is open to all students and our teams have enjoyed success in debating competition. The Debating Association of Victoria鈥檚 local Junior Secondary Program (for Years 7 and 8) is hosted by 番茄社区. In addition, annual events such as the Students versus Staff Debate and school-wide Chatterbox public speaking competition encourage students to lend their voice to the program.

Performing Arts

Students can extend and enrich their experience of the performing arts by participating in a variety of co-curricular drama clubs and dance activities – just for fun.聽 These clubs are open to all students; those who do not wish to pursue formal performing art studies are welcome to share in the world of drama or dance.

Additionally, the annual whole-school production is embedded via the co-curricular program, offering a range of experience both behind the scenes and on stage.

Instrumental Music

To support the Instrumental Music Program, students are encouraged to participate in any of the many bands and ensembles on offer through the co-curricular program.聽

The music program has a strong culture of community involvement and students are given many opportunities to perform both at the College and for the wider community.聽 Each instrumental music student is required to participate in an ensemble which rehearses weekly, usually out of school hours, and performs throughout the year. 聽It is expected that each student will perform at least once per year at concerts and/or soirees as arranged, either as a solo performance or as part of an ensemble or choir.聽 Students who learn via private lessons outside school are also encouraged to participate in the ensemble program.聽


The Sustainability Club is open to students from all year levels and is an active, highly valued team within the school.聽 This club regularly initiates sustainability projects – such as the establishment of the Garden Nursery and delivering Beeswax Wraps Workshops to the student community.聽 The club aims to motivate and educate the wider school community and to contribute to the delivery of sustainable solutions within their local environment.聽

and more…

A huge number of co-curricular activities cater to special interests such as Chess Club, Media Short Film Production, Maker Space, Book Club and Art Club and many more.聽 Students are strongly encouraged to submit suggestions for co-curricular activities via the Student Representative Council forum or by speaking directly to a staff member.